Introducing MASA

Who we are?

MASA is a volunteer organization, sanctioned by the University, serving the non-bargaining management and administrative staff of the University.

Who can join?

If you are not currently represented by one of the University Labor Unions, then you may already be a member. The only qualification is that you cannot in any way be a member (dues paying or fair share) of a current labor union at Cleveland State University.

What does MASA do?

MASA keeps you informed and connected.

Since we are not a union, we cannot discuss or represent you in any salary or work place issue. However, we try to bring about a sense of community to all of our members. We do this in the following ways:

MASA schedules informative meetings two time each term and possibly once in the summer.

These sessions are enlightening from the University Architect, a member of Senior Staff, Human Resources may speak about important university issues.

MASA represents you and your interests.

Masa members are appointed to sit on several committees and are invited to have face-to-face discussions with senior staff.

    • MASA has an annual meeting with the Chief Financial Office

MASA has representation on the following University Advisory Committees:

    • Bookstore Advisory Committee
    • Dining Serices Advisory Committee
    • Distinguished Faculty/Staff Award Committee
    • Collaborative Grant Program
    • Environmental Safety and Healthcare
    • Parking Advisory Committee
    • Residence Life Advisory Committee
    • Faculty Senate
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