Mission Statement

The Management and Administrative Staff Advisory Council, is the primary body for providing advice and counsel to the University President on matters relevant to Management and Administrative Staff (MAS) - i.e. staff members not represented by a bargaining unit at Cleveland State. This Advisory Council was convened in 1998 and its membership is comprised of 15 non-bargaining staff members.

MAS Advisory Council's mission is to maintain an active and participatory line of communication with the University community on behalf of non-bargaining professional and classified staff at Cleveland State University. In fulfillment of this mission, members of the council will apply themselves to the following goals:

· To foster the concept and practice of staff representation on major university committees, in part by serving as a vehicle for making committee member placement recommendations and by having the representative make summary reports to the body;

· To meet on a regular basis with the University President to share communication on issues that concern non-bargaining staff members;

· To work closely with the Office of Human Resources to review, assess and address policies and procedures to enhance the working environment for non-bargaining staff;

· To provide feedback from a general staff perspective to any office presenting plans, concerns, or seeking information;

· To promote the MAS Advisory Council to the University's non-bargaining staff as the body that communicates issues and concerns of the group to the entire University community;

· To support CSU's Functional Mission Statement by fostering an environment of open communication and interaction of non-bargaining staff with all areas of campus.


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