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Q. I get emails returned to me that Iíve never sent. Does this mean my computer has a virus or my email account has      been compromised?

A. No, in fact getting returned email that youíve never sent is a sign that your computer is NOT infected with a virus. While      this may sound contradictory, itís explained in this article. [the word Ďarticleí is a link pointing to the article in question.

Q. How do I keep my Windows system up-to-date, or Ďpatchedí as itís described on these Web pages?

A. Thatís a good question and relatively easy to do. If you have a machine that runs Windows XP, then click here [Ďhereí is the link]. If you have a machine that runs Windows Vista, then click here [Ďhereí is the link]. If you donít know what version of Windows youíre running, then click here [Ďhereí is the link].

Q. With all this technology, why canít we stop spam?

A. Thatís also a good question and hereís why itís so difficult to stop spamÖ Spam is blocked by computer programs that      were designed to try to distinguish good email from bad. While itís relatively easy to know spam by simply looking at it,      computer programs do not have our innate ability to do this with 100% accuracy. They do a good job, but itís not perfect.      So itís a good idea to check your daily quarantine email or log onto for any good email that was      accidentally considered bad.