Information Services & Technology

Security Advisories

The following are security advisories of known incidents to hit CSU.  It is important that you carefully review these warnings and heed their advice.  If you’re unsure of how to fix a problem then call x5050 (216/687-5050 off campus).

Email password request phish
            Severity: Important
            Issue: Phishers purporting to be from CSU’s email team are sending email requesting that you reply with your email             ID and password.
            How to Fix: Ignore; do not respond.
            Identifying Characteristics: Reply to addresses are not from and the body of most emails have             lines similar to this:
            Email Username : ................
            EMAIL Password : ................

PHISHING: Legitimate organizations NEVER ask you for your ID, account number, SSN, password, or other personal data.  Your bank, credit card company, or any organization that runs a mail server does not need your credentials to access your account.  They are the owners of the system and have unlimited access.  They have this access to update software, hardware, perform maintenance, and any one of a number of things that administrators do to keep a computer system up-to-date.

EMAIL LINKS: It is good idea never to click on links that you receive in an email, no matter how legitimate they look.  Email links can be forged to look as though they’re coming from a valid Web site but may point to a site that will try to infect your machine.