CLASS Manual

Part-Time and Intersession Instruction
  • All single-term instructional assignments, including summer assignments for full-time faculty and summer or academic year assignments for part-time faculty, require preparation of a separate contract. Appropriate forms and instructions for using them are linked here (link). 
  • CLASS departments or units that regularly employ part-time faculty are given a part-time budget. The amount allocated to each program is determined prior to the start of each fiscal year, and is intended to cover the entire fiscal year of three semesters (summer, fall, and spring).
  • Each department is provided with a part-time budget spreadsheet that shows the total allocation for the FY, and helps in tracking the remaining budget. Department chairs and administrative assistants should familiarize themselves with the spreadsheet and which costs can be charged to which budget lines. Contact the College Fiscal Office for explanation or assistance.
  • All single-term instructional assignments should be entered on the spreadsheet as they are made; a copy of the updated spreadsheet should be sent to the Fiscal Officer and Associate Dean for Curriculum & Instruction each time new contracts are submitted for signature. All summer and part-time contracts are signed by the Associate Dean for Curriculum & Instruction.
  • Guidelines and a checklist for processing Part-time Contracts through the Dean's Office are provided here (link)
  • Departments should ensure that they have sufficient part-time funds available to cover contracts offered. Any amounts beyond the allocation made at the beginning of the FY require prior approval from the Dean’s Office (Associate Dean for Curriculum & Instruction). 
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