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Debbie Jackson
Associate Professor Debbie Jackson Ph.D

The Science Education Program at Cleveland State University is designed to prepare you, as a pre-service teacher, to reflect the university’s commitment to educational excellence through teaching, research, and service. The core values demonstrate the close relationship of the college and university mission. Together the Science Education program and faculty model and value:

Reformed science teaching and learning: You will engage in science education courses that utilize and provide you with opportunities for interacting with reform-minded teaching practices, including inquiry-based science teaching and learning.

Active learning environments: During your courses, you will notice professors do not just talk to you about science education. You will experience, reflect upon, and implement the many facets of science education. You are immersed in science teaching and learning.

Standards-Based Instruction: Your professors strive to make practical connections between reform-minded teaching strategies and state and national standards to better prepare you for the classroom.

Bridging the Gap: Within your course experiences, professors bridge the gap between theory and practice through their involvement in local schools and alongside you during field placement.

Urban Focus: Your professors employ strategies that are purposefully and meaningfully connected to teaching and learning science in an urban context (this is supported through urban field placements during your practicum and/or student teaching semesters). Along with a focus on urban science education, there is a strong emphasis in regards to issues of equity, diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice.

The educational experience and passion of Dr. Robert Ferguson and Dr. Debbie Jackson paired with the desire to place the students first is what makes the Science Education program successful. Visit their academic faculty pages by clicking on the above links.


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