Teacher Education (TE)
Admissions, Criteria, and Procedures

Master of Education PreK-12 Education in Chinese Language

Assuming that you meet the prerequisites for admission to the program, there are three major stages to go through in qualifying for admission to the program (plus one additional step before you enroll). Each stage has its own requirements and paperwork. All steps are listed below in the correct sequence.

First, you must be admitted to the College of Graduate Studies at Cleveland State University. Depending on whether you are a domestic or an international student, the requirements differ slightly. We have provided links for both situations here:

If you are a domestic student, go online to http://www.csuohio.edu/gradcollege/admissions/degree.html

If you are an international student, go online to http://www.csuohio.edu/offices/international/admissions/graduate/admission_requirements.html

In either case, follow the instructions and fill out the application form(s) online

Follow the required procedures listed on the web site for submitting all relevant documents and materials (Note: These documents are critical to your admission. If you skip this step, or do it incompletely, your application for admission will be rejected by the College of Graduate Studies.)

Once you have submitted your application to the College of Graduate Studies, it will be processed by their staff, and if you meet the requirements of the College of Graduate Studies they will pass all of your materials to the ESSC (Education Student Services Center) in the College of Education and Human Services.

Second, once your materials have been passed on by the College of Graduate Studies, you will be screened by the ESSC. You don’t actually have to take any additional actions in order for this to happen – it’s an internal screening process at CSU. Assuming that you satisfy both the College of Graduate Studies and the ESSC, your application still needs to be processed by the Confucius Institute.

Third, once your materials have been approved by the ESSC, they are forwarded to the Confucius Institute. They will review your credentials, conduct an interview with you, and make a final decision as to whether you can be admitted to the program. If you are deemed admissible, you will be notified and the Confucius Institute will forward your materials on to the Department of Modern Languages.

Additional Step: The Department of Modern Languages will review transcripts for evidence of appropriate course work in the content areas of Chinese culture, literature, and linguistics. Since this program prepares applicants to teach a foreign language, the Modern languages Department reviews these requirements relevant to this professional role as required by the State of Ohio. The requirement involves courses that fulfill the ACTFL standards for Teacher Education candidates. These include, but are not limited to, a critical understanding of Chinese culture, study of Chinese writings or readings as literature, course work in Chinese linguistics, and how these elements compare/contrast with perspectives expressed through U.S. culture, literature and linguistics. Students without this prior course work will need to take (and pay for) certain courses or workshops at CSU or other institutions in order to successfully complete the Chinese Language Teaching Licensure program. If you complete the Master’s degree courses without fulfilling the content area requirements (culture, literature and linguistics), you may still be eligible to earn a Master’s degree in Education without a teaching license. Once Modern Languages has reviewed your application (and before you have formally enrolled in the program), you will be provided with information about any content area requirements you are missing and must satisfy.


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