Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (HPERD)
Fitness for Life

Ken Sparks
Ken Sparks

The purpose of the Fitness for Life Program is to promote healthy attitudes and practices by providing:

  • a) individual exercise recommendations based on evaluation of physical fitness
  • b) safe, supervised, group exercise geared to each participant’s physical capacities
  • c) access to facilities and equipment in the Physical Education Building
  • d) information on improving and maintaining physical condition,
  • e) a structure for tracking exercise participation and achievements
  • f) an informative newsletter and Blackboard online course site/resources for all participants

The Fitness for Life Program provides numerous benefits. If you participate you can expect to:

  • Feel and look better
  • Burn calories to help control weight
  • Enjoy yourself and have more energy
  • Improve your health and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Be more fit for living an active lifestyle


Mailing Address
Cleveland State Universitya
College of Education and Human Services
Health, Physical Education, and Dance
2121 Euclid Avenue
Julka Hall 164
Cleveland, OH 44115

Campus Location
2485 Euclid Avenue
Julka Hall 164
Phone: 216-687-4870
Fax: 216-875-5410

Program Coordinator:
Ken Sparks
Phone: 216-687-4831