Doctoral Studies
Doctoral Update

The end of the academic year is approaching and I hope that you have had an enjoyable learning experience and are looking forward to the summer. This has been a busy year and I believe that much has been achieved by students and faculty in Doctoral Studies. Some of the highlights are mentioned below.

The Educational Research Exchange (ERE) conference was held in Youngstown on March 4 and it was well organized. This conference is attended primarily by students from CSU, Akron U, Youngstown State and Kent State. We had over 10 students presenting including Anthony Adkisson, Sashelle Alexander, Jessie Baginski, Robyn Leichtman, Edward Magiste, Enoch Meshack, Vanessa Jones, Carmine Burkette, Grant Griffin, Molly Nackley, Mamta Roy, and Keelan Quinn. Congratulations to Jessie Baginski (Cohort XXII) for winning the Outstanding Research Award at the conference for her paper titled "Self-identity shaped by service: A narrative study of Hurricane Katrina volunteers as young adults." This is the most prestigious award at the conference.

Students also presented at the American Association of Adult & Continuing Education at Clearwater Beach, Florida in October 2010: Sashelle Alexander, R. Kennedy, Li-Ching Lin, and Darcia Simpson. We were also well represented at the AERA conference in New Orleans in April with Jessie Baginski, Christine Mitton, David Newman, Darcia Simpson, and Carmine Stewart-Burkette presenting. Sashelle Alexander presented at the Association of Teacher Educator's conference in Orlando in March. Our students also presented at the Great Lakes Conference in Bloomington, Indiana: Barbara Doremus, Grant Griffin, Molly Nackley, Robyn Leichtman and Sarah Michalos. Grant Griffin also presented at the Ohio Marketing Educators Association conference in Columbus, Ohio. Q Yang will be presenting at the Comparative International Educational Society conference in Montreal, Canada in May.

Doctoral Studies students have always been actively involved in presentations at conferences as the following number of presentations from annual reports show: 2007 (32), 2008 (42), 2009 (32), 2010 (23), and 2011 (39).
Doctoral students have also been active publishing in books and journals in 2011 and these include Heather Bonnett, Holly Gage, Grant Griffin, Robyn Leichtman, Linda Munka, Dan O'Donnell, and Abbey Shiban. Congratulations to all those who presented and published! An important aspect of the doctoral experience is presenting at conferences and publishing and all students are strongly encouraged to do so.

Lewis & Janice Patterson Scholarship
Congratulations to Sarah Michalos (Cohort XXIII) for being awarded the Lewis and Janice Patterson Scholarship! Dr. Lewis Patterson was one of the founders of the Ph. D. Urban Education Program at CSU and its first director in 1987. This is the second year that the scholarship has been awarded.

Doctoral Students' Organization
The Doctoral Students' Organization has been very active this year and organized panel discussions on "How to Publish" and "Conquering the ABD syndrome," the latter facilitated by Dr. Deborah Zawislan, who is a CSU Ph. D. graduate. The May panel discussion was on "How to present at conferences." The purpose of these functions is not only to inform on issues pertinent to all doctoral students but also to enable students who are busy with their dissertations to connect with their cohort and other doctoral students. You may have noticed that the colorful and informative doctoral studies poster board has changed twice in the past 6 months, thanks to the creative efforts of Natale Badillo!

Nursing Education
It is my pleasure to announce an additional specialization to our Ph. D Urban Education program, namely Nursing Education. Although the School of Nursing is now separate from COEHS, we continue to have close links with them.


  • Dr. Sashelle Alexander (Cohort XXII)
  • Dr. Jessie Baginski (Cohort XXII)
  • Dr. Kim Benetto (Cohort XVI)
  • Dr. Sharon Brown (Cohort XX)
  • Dr. Tamea Caver (Cohort XX)
  • Dr. David Cronin (Cohort XX)
  • Dr. Elise Geither (Cohort XIX)
  • Dr. Adriennie Hatten (Cohort XIX)
  • Dr. Sally Mascia (Cohort XIX)
  • Dr. Mary Mtuy (Cohort XIX)
  • Dr. Erin Murphy (Cohort XXII)
  • Dr. David Newman (Cohort XVIII)


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