Counselor Education
School and Community Agency Practicum Guide

Practicum is the first field experience in the Counselor Education Program at Cleveland State University and is intended to provide the students a supervised learning experience to develop and demonstrate the required skills and knowledge for the setting and population of his or her eventual placement. A site should be chosen for both the service they provide to their student/clients and for the learning opportunities they provide to the practicum student. Practicum is offered Spring and Summer semesters. Please click on forms to retrieve them.

Practicum Requirements:

Course work: Completion of most of your course work prior to your field experience will enrich your educational journey and is recommended. Completion of the following three courses prior to practicum is mandatory.

CNS 617: Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling
CNS 620: Laboratory in Counseling Techniques
CNS 622: Individual Theories of Counseling


A practicum application is due on or before October15th prior to the intended year of practicum. The application is available on this page.

Orientation meeting:

All students planning to take practicum in Spring or Summer must attend an orientation meeting which is held during the Fall. Please check News and Announcements on the counseling Web page for date, time, and location of the meeting.

Site placement:

Students are primarily responsible for selecting and obtaining the practicum site. This is to provide students the opportunity and flexibility to find a site most suited for their unique needs (e.g., geographic location, work requirements, family responsibilities, etc.). Some sites used by previous Pracitcum students are listed under site information.

School Counselors: The supervisor must be an Ohio Licensed/Certified School Counselor with at least 2 years of experience as a school counselor.

Clinical Mental Health Counselors: The supervisor must be an Ohio licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a supervision endorsement (PCC-s).

Site Requirements

Student must have the opportunity to earn 100 total hours total in one semester. These 100 hours must include 40 direct service hours and 60 indirect service hours. This approximates 6-7 hours per week on site with 2.5 direct hours per week during Spring and more during Summer.

Student must be able to record at least 6 counseling sessions. You must have the client and/or guardian sign the Consent to Tape prior to taping the session.

Please check on appropriate dress code for your site. Deep cut tops, overly tight clothing, see through clothing, flip-flops, sweat pants are deemed inappropriate.

Class Requirements

Must attend weekly classes in addition to site requirements.

Course instructors will provide you with additional requirements to complete the practicum.


All students in the program are required to have liability insurance for the duration of practicum. Most professional organizations include liability insurance in their student memberships. Some suggested insurance carriers are:

American Counseling Association (ACA) โ€“

American School Counselor Association (ASCA) โ€“

American Mental Health Counseling Association (AMHCA) โ€“

Other related professional associations Insurance companies

Sometimes insurance is covered by the school or agency.

Forms to be completed:

Application Site Placement
Learning Contract Liability Verification
Log of Hours Site Supervisor Evaluation of the Practicum Student
Practicum Student Evaluation of Site Site Supervisor Evaluation by Practicum Student

Licensing Requirements For CMHC

Please check the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapy Board Web page ( for required paperwork for Counselor Trainee (CT) status and other paperwork.

For SC
You may be ready to take your Praxis II at the end of your practicum experience. Please check for test registration and information.

If you are terminated from your practicum site, this will be considered an automatic failure to complete Practicum requirements. You must complete practicum successfully, in addition to other coursework, to be eligible for internship.

Practicum Forms

Checklist Liability Insurance Form
Practicum Application CMHC Consent Form
Site List-Schools SC Consent Form
Site List - Agency Log I
Site Placement Information Log II
Learning Contract Log III
Site Placement Information Log IV
Evaluation of Site Supervisor Evaluation of CMHC by Site Supervisor
Evaluation of Site Evaluation of SC by Site Supervisor


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