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Joanne Goodell

Dr. Joanne Goodell
Mathematics Education
Email: J.Goodell@csuohio.edu
Office: JH 346

Dr. Goodell taught high-school mathematics for 13 years in Australia, and was department chair for five years. She previously taught at Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, and was Research Director for Ohio's Statewide Systemic Initiative Discovery at Miami University in 1999. She currently teaches mathematics methods and practicum courses at CSU. Her research interests focus on equity, reform, and professional development issues in the teaching and learning of mathematics in high schools and universities. Her current grants include the D-STEM Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program, the Noyce Scholarship Program through the National Science Foundation, and the Teacher Quality Partnership program through the National Mathematics and Science Initiative. She is Co-Director of CSUTeach.

Miron Kaufman

Dr. Miron Kaufman
Science Co-Director
Physics Education
Email: m.kaufmann@csuohio.edu

Dr. Kaufman earned his BA and MS in Physics from Tel Aviv University in Israel, and his PhD in Physics from Carnegie Mellon. He has been Chair of the Department of Physics at CSU since 2000. In collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, he developed a professional MS program in medical physics. Under his leadership, the Physics programs at CSU have been nationally recognized. He has done extensive research in statistical physics. He has updated the Physics curriculum to meet contemporary needs, and has presented his new Environmental Physics course at a past Global Warming International Conference. Dr. Kaufman is active in programs promoting physics education and is Co-Director of CSUTeach.


Rob Ferguson

Dr. Rob Ferguson
Science Education
Email: r.l.ferguson1@csuohio.edu
Office: JH 347

Dr. Ferguson received his BA in Biological Sciences and teacher licensure in Life Science and Chemistry from San Jose State University. He taught high school science for seven years, then completed his doctorate in Chemical Education at Purdue University, where his thesis focused on organic synthesis, and his dissertation described how chemistry majors understand organic reaction mechanisms. He currently teaches elementary and secondary science methods courses at CSU, and directs the CHAMPS (Careers in Health And Medical ProfessionS) program. He is an active committee member, developer, and CSUTeach instructor.

Debbie Jackson

Dr. Debbie Jackson
Science Education
Email: d.jackson1@csuohio.edu
Office: JH 349

Dr. Jackson taught high school chemistry, physics, and physical science before coming to CSU in 2004. She has taught courses in science teacher education, diversity, and earth and space science, and supervises student teachers and practicum students. She is Associate Director for Education and Training for the University Transportation Center. Her interests include investigating her own teaching, teacher learning and professional development, and integration of engineering concepts in K-12 classrooms. She is Co-Principle Investigator for the Noyce and DOE grants for CSUTeach.

Roland Pourdavood

Dr. Roland Pourdavood
Mathematics Education
Email: r.pourdavood@csuohio.edu

Dr. Pourdavood is a teacher educator whose content area is mathematics education. He conducts psychosocial research, which has broader implications than the traditional content area of mathematics education. His interest in social constructivist epistemology influences his research in the areas of teachers dialogue and critical reflections to facilitate teacher change and school reform. His early descriptive research, which focused on teacher’s dialogic community and selfreflection to facilitate teacher change, has evolved. His more recent research has concentrated on the implication and application of his theoretical perspectives. For example, his publications in the journal Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics shows the evolution of his research. One of the major goals of his research has been to raise mathematics achievement of African-American students using social constructivist theory.

Antionette Marquard

Dr. Antionette Marquard
Mathematics Education
Email: A.marquard@csuohio.edu

Ms. Marquard received both her B.A. and her M.A. in Mathematics from Cleveland State University. She began her teaching career in 1975 at Saint Joseph Academy on the far west side of Cleveland. After teaching mathematics there for 12 years, she broadened her teaching repertoire by taking additional classes at CSU to obtain certification to teach physics. She then returned to Saint Joseph Academy as the chair of the mathematics department and taught both mathematics and physics, combining them into an innovative and interdisciplinary Calculus/Physics course. She taught the Calculus portion of the course as an adjunct instructor for CSU through the Post Secondary Options Program. Antoinette then moved into high school administration where she spent 15 years as the Associate Principal for Academics at Saint Joseph Academy. As an administrator, Antoinette took a keen interest in the wave of technology innovations then taking place and developed an ambitious technology program for her school. She soon became the schools statistician by combining her knowledge of technology with the academic data she worked with each day. Upon her retirement from Saint Joseph Academy after 32 years of service, Antoinette wanted to return to the classroom and chose CSU because she feels that CSU can provide her with the opportunity to not only share her knowledge and love of mathematics with students again, but to further her own education.

Urie Zurcher

Dr. Urie Zurcher
Physics Education
Email: U.ZURCHER@csuohio.edu

Dr. Zurcher earned a BS (in Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy) and PhD (in Theoretical Physics) from the University of Basel, Switzerland. He moved to the U.S. in 1999 and held postdoctoral position at M.I.T, Boston University, and Clarkson University, and taught at the University of Rhode Island. He joined CSU in 2003, where he has been involved in several Teacher Preparation and Education Projects. In his College Physics course [for pre-med, pre-pharm, and biology majors], he applies physics principles to applications in medicine and biology, such as walking, running, swimming, and eating. He is currently serving as a co-director of the STEM(M) Center at CSU.

Selma Vonderwell

Dr. Selma Vonderwell
Curriculum & Foundations
Email: S.VONDERWELL@csuohio.edu

Dr. Vonderwell is an associate professor of educational technology. She has completed her doctoral work at Ohio University. Her teaching experience includes educational technology, educational psychology and summer institute programs for gifted and talented high school students. Her research interests are online learning and assessment, web 2.0, handheld computers, technology planning and integration in K-12 and higher education. She has several publications that have appeared in Journal of Research on Technology in Education, Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, TechTrends and Education and Technology: An Encyclopedia. She is currently serving as a member of the Editorial Review Board of Journal of Research on Technology in Education, and Journal for Computing Teachers.

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