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Becoming a Mentor Teacher
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Becoming a Mentor Teacher

Are you interested in becoming a CSUTeach Mentor Teacher? Read on!

We depend on experienced elementary, middle school, and high school teachers to act as mentors to our students during their field-based experiences. Mentor teachers open their classrooms to a pair or pairs of CSUTeach students, offering guidance and support as they begin to learn about classroom teaching.

The students who teach in your classroom are predominantly CSU undergraduates and post-bacs just beginning to explore the career of teaching. They are receiving ongoing instruction in lesson design, classroom management, and science and mathematics content.

What are my Responsibilities?
  • Meet with pair(s) of CSUTeach students before field experience begins (at the scheduled Mentor Teacher Orientation Meeting).
  • Assume primary responsibility for classroom management.
  • Provide assistance to CSUTeach students during group activities.
  • Complete short reviews of CSUTeach student performance.
  • Complete a thorough summary evaluation of the students at the end of the experience.

What are some of the Benefits?
  • We will pay you for each student you work with.
  • You will have the satisfaction of preparing future teachers in a program that is receiving national attention.
  • You can get perspective and pick up new ideas from the new methods CSUTeach students will be practicing.

Courses and Compensation:
  • EUT 201 for elementary school mentor teachers
  • EUT 215/217 for middle school mentor teachers
  • EUT 305 for middle school mentor teachers
  • EUT 215/217 & EUT 305 for middle school math or science mentor teachers
  • EUT 315/317 & EUT 499 high school math or science mentor teachers


Mr. Rick Walton, M.Ed., Master Teacher

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