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Parent Testimonials from Fall 2010

“My child really enjoyed the one-on-one time with her tutor, which helped her more in school.”

“My child showed a huge improvement in study habits and working independently.”

“I would like to see continued improvements in my child’s work and study habits. We had a fantastic tutor, she made learning fun.”

“This is a wonderful, helpful program.”

“My child looked forward to the tutoring sessions on Monday. It continues to help with his motivation to go to school.”

“My child’s growth due to this program was great. Our tutor not only helped my child with study habits, confidence, but personal growth too.”

“My children enjoyed themselves. They all became more confident readers.”

“We love it!”

“My son loves the program!”

“The tutors were really helpful with reading and breaking down words. They were very pleasant and my children liked them very much.”

“I will absolutely bring my child back next semester. This was a wonderful extension to my son’s school day!”

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Student Testimonials from Summer and Fall 2010

“Very good experience—learned many strategies for future use!”

“I learned so much doing the tutoring sessions. Seeing my students smile and seeing the “Aha moment” register on their faces when I was tutoring them during the last tutoring session gave me an amazing feeling. It is the feeling that makes teaching such a gratifying profession. I am really excited about becoming a teacher and will apply the literature skills and knowledge I obtained in this class and tutoring sessions in my future career.”

“Looking back on this experience I think the biggest accomplishment I made with my students was getting them excited about reading. I realized that if you make reading fun at a young age and help children to be good at it then children are so much more likely to continue reading throughout their lives.”

“The experience of tutoring really reminded me of all the reasons I wanted to become a teacher. Watching the progress that these two children made, even in a short time, was amazing. Simply their willingness to try new things, and their interest in literature that was unfamiliar changed over the course of a few weeks. I was assigned two bright and cheerful five-year-olds, and while they were reluctant to participate much in the beginning, they really warmed up and became enthusiastic learners by the last few sessions.”


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