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Mission Statement

Julka Hall
Julka Hall

Our mission is to prepare professionals who reflect our commitment to educational excellence across the life-span through teaching, research, and service focused on leadership, social justice, and partnerships in addressing contemporary urban needs. Our core values demonstrate the close relationship of the college and university mission:

  • Academic Excellence — As an academic community, we create and disseminate knowledge through teaching, research, and service that reflects the highest standards of educational excellence; serve as an intellectual community of learner-scholars; and value academic freedom, shared decision-making, inquiry, and integrity.
  • Community/Collaboration — We value a collaborative culture within the College of Education and Human Services that fosters: communities of learner-scholars; relationships with diverse populations; and partnerships with the urban community.
  • Integrity — We promote integrity through our commitment to improving the lives of others; expectation of honest, truthful, and ethical teaching, learning, research, and professional practice; and consideration of people’s feelings and needs in what we do.
  • Rigorous Intellectual Exchange — We foster and encourage ourselves and our constituents to create new knowledge and research; exercise reflective beliefs and practices; model ethical behaviors; and promote critical thinking.
  • Leadership — We strive to use our leadership and expertise to take risks; act as a catalyst for innovative change; and work to make a difference.
  • Passion — We value our commitment to improving the quality of life in our community through actions that reflect equity, diversity, and social justice; and demonstrate respect and passion for the human condition.

The college achieves its mission and observes its values by developing innovative, flexible ways to connect with its clients to deliver quality educational programs and develop partnerships that provide responsive urban solutions. We are committed to demonstrate the “vitality that comes with risk” called for in the university mission.


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