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Campus Horn

    Friendly Reminder

All requests must be approved and sent from the Provost or Vice President office.

Digests are scheduled and emailed on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Send all requests to We can only guarantee delivery of emails sent to

Identify the subject/title
which group(s) to send to:
- All Staff
- All Faculty
- All Students
- Any combination of these

The Campus Horn contains announcements for students, faculty and staff as well as information on upcoming events. The Campus Horn is accessible from any PC with an Internet connection. You can review these announcements online any time from the Internet!

To ensure that faculty, staff and students are not inundated with announcements:
- the University Executive Staff requires approval of the messages by the President,
   Provost or a Vice President
- Digests are scheduled and emailed on Monday and Thursday mornings

Criteria for Announcements:

· Create your Campus Horn posting in an email, Notepad or in a Word document.
Limit the use of special characters and graphics.
· The message must be important to the University population receiving it.
· The person originating the message must be a CSU faculty or staff person.
· The message subject must be clear and informative.
· The message cannot be of a commercial or personal nature.
· Announcements will be in English.
· The message must be received as an email (we do not type messages)and cannot include graphics.

To add a message to the Campus Horn, please review the guidelines and procedures listed below…

Guidelines for Campus Horn

Please note that Campus Horn announcements are not secured - that is, non-CSU web-surfers will be able to read all postings.

The format of announcements cannot be guaranteed since they are viewed through the Internet. The Campus Mail Bag Administrators will NOT format announcements.


1) Create an email that includes the following:
   a. Explanation of why this should be posted, your name & phone number
   b. Desired announcement including the subject/title and an email address for any responses
   c. Clear description of which group(s) would be interested.

     We support the following options:
      a) All Staff
      b) All Faculty
      c) All Students
      d) Any combination of these

2) To minimize the opportunity for error please use the subject line of the email submitted for posting for the subject you wish to be displayed on the Campus Mail Bag.

Subject: Campus Horn: " "Phishing" E-Mails Received on Campus"

3) Forward your email to your Provost, Vice President or above, for approval, and ask them to forward the
    announcement to

Turn-around Time:

Your request will be processed upon receipt. Please plan based upon the following timeframes:
- Posting announcements can take up to two working days once received, with approval, by the Call Center.
- Digests
are scheduled to be emailed on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Please email your request well in advance of when it needs to be posted. This provides time for answering questions or resolving problems.

Very Important:

Send requests to We have a procedure to ensure that someone will handle your request if it is sent to If you send your email to someone OTHER than, we cannot guarantee that the receiver will be in the office and your announcement may not be posted.

If you have questions about this procedure, please contact the Call Center at 687-5050.

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Report a problem:216-687-5050
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