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SMTPS - Mobile Email

If you use IMAP to access your CSU email on your smartphone or laptop, you can now use the University's authenticated secure SMTP servers to process your outgoing email. This service works from any location, even if you are not on the CSU network. This prevents you from needing to reconfigure your settings when you change locations.

Configuration guides for different smart phone platforms and email clients are available below.

Traveling Email Setup
iPhone Microsoft Office
Android Outlook Express
MacMail Mozilla Thunderbird

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the settings so I can send mail from off campus?
A:  Use the following information for your outgoing SMTP server

    Server :
    Port : 465
    Security : Requires SSL (sometimes called SMTPS)
    Authentication : Required
    Username : 7 digit CSU ID
    Password : CampusNet Password

Q:  Can I use this service with my smart phone?
A:  Yes, this service is available on an iPhone and any Android phone.

Q:  Can I use this service on my laptop?
A:  Yes, this service will work with any email client, regardless of location.

Q:  Is there a limit to the message size, number of messages, etc?
A:  Yes. The limits are as follows

    Max recipients per message: 100
    Max message size: 10 megabytes
    Max messages per day: 250

Q:  Is this safe to use this service from a public wireless network?
A:  Yes, your data, including email you send, is encrypted with SSL. If
you configure IMAP to read your email, ensure you have also configured
to use SSL with that. Please see the configuration guides for full